We provide a range of services to match our established skill sets and expertise.


We have expertise in designing and implementing a broad range of qualitative and quantitative research projects for non-profits, labour organizations, funders and public institutions. We support and facilitate community-based and system-focused research. We work with organizations to identify and refine research problems and goals, and craft corresponding research questions and methodologies for both large scale and small projects. We design and lead focus groups and key-informant interviews and train peer-researchers to do the same. We also conduct literature reviews, jurisdictional and environmental scans, and produce position papers as part of our work. We have expertise in translating complex data into digestible formats suitable for various stakeholders, including service providers and community members.

Strategic Planning

We have a proven track record of crafting and successfully implementing both large-scale and place-based strategic plans. We believe that the quality of any strategic plan hinges on the processes used to conduct needs assessments, set priorities and develop recommendations. We have expertise in using techniques and approaches that meaningfully engage key stakeholders to reflect their voices, visions and priorities in strategic plans. We work with service providers, their clients and partners to build strategies that are relevant, practical and actionable. We build mechanisms for implementation as part of our deliverable.

Program Design and Evaluation

We work with service providers to design, evaluate, and expand community-based and social programs. We use a range of evaluative techniques to assess the value added of organizations and programs, the effectiveness of programmatic interventions, and organizational efficiency. We identify best practices and lessons learned, and provide actionable recommendations for program development, improvement and expansion. We are committed to ethical evaluation principles, and promote equality, inclusion and non-discrimination in our work through the application of human rights-based and gender sensitive approaches.

Community Engagement and Stakeholder Consultation

We have extensive experience in stakeholder engagement with community members, front-line service providers, funders, senior officials and politicians. We organize and lead complex large-scale consultation processes and informal community conversations as part of a range of our research, strategic planning and program development processes. We work closely with our clients to identify desired outcomes and design detailed event agendas, activities and discussion tools to reach our client’s goals. We use a range of innovative techniques and activities to maximize the participation and input of stakeholders in the process.

Process Mapping and Development

We support organizations and institutions to develop and refine processes related to program design, delivery and evaluation. We guide program staff to map, review and refine program logic models and process flow charts to identify and develop steps, tools and supports that enable programs to successfully reach realistic and achievable goals and outcomes for clients and funders.

Strategy Implementation

We have expertise in translating existing strategic plans into tangible achievable actions. We work with key stakeholders to identify their resources and connections, challenges and constraints in strategy implementation. We use this information to identify concrete short, medium and long-term actions that leverage existing assets and build capacity and momentum to reach ambitious targets and goals.